POPE MOBILE BABBLE and LOW SECURITY baalshit = assassination of hollywood fake dope pope about to occur - prepare for HARM AGE DONE >

AMERICA is UNCEDED INDIAN LAND (Unceded Territory = No treaty Signed = Permission Required from the First Nation Government Involved. = No Pipeline, No Mining, No Fishing, No Farming, Etc...without First Nations Permission) GET me a GUILLOTINE SOULuTION http://kinakwii.org/

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7th HEAVEN is NORTH of HWY 7 - New York York Region Ottawa - Gilles Duceppe = 206 *LIGHT OF PURITY * "THE WHITE BRILLIANCE"! "THE WHITE BRILLIANCE"! "THE WHITE BRILLIANCE"! THE "THRONE OF ALMIGHTY, YAHWEH, FATHER-MOTHER, CREATOR, GOD"! http://gematria.mysticalinternet.com/lookup.php?system=naeq



FRIAday 08282015 - HELLO AMERICAN FEDERATION - - PREPARE for ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE http://uramerica.ca/frenchfriafreyr.htm

CREDO MUTWA said the female president of AMERICA will be a former actress of french ancestry - red haired - CANADIAN - CELINE DION should RUN for PRESIDENT of URaMERICA 151515 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxLS8guiAXI

2 ROADS = 2 MOTHERS = 666 LILITH vs 555 EVE

THULE NAZI FOOL ROAD LEADS TO HELL - 666 MEDIA - LILITHS WHORES and ALEISTER CROWLEYS QLIPPOTH QUEERS are accountable for the NWO NESARA GENOCIDEs - CONSTANT HARASSMENT - Angel Kain - 8/25, 3:16pm what you too scared to be my friend throwing My numbers around like that of the 666? its challenging yes https://www.facebook.com/BIPPEE13?pnref=story // https://www.facebook.com/ANGEL777KAIN

555 RED ROAD RITE ROAD - MARY is the HOLY SPIRIT - JESUS is the SON of MAN http://www.prayerflowers.com/HolySpirit.htm // https://www.google.ca/search?q=HOLY+SPIRIT&biw=1242&bih=566&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAYQ_AUoAWoVChMIlsa158zMxwIVBAmSCh3D5wLJ

Beauty of the spirit is the only thing that the blind can't see https://www.facebook.com/mybook4ucom/photos/a.489413217762559.97262.372455056125043/903896606314216/?type=1&theater

6:35pm James Todd Carrick - Dana are you there? I need counsel from a Seastar of Light
6:43pm James Todd Carrick - I believe I am to lead turtle islands EA rth party against the draco alliance to defend the republic of a mary KA. TO DEFEND THE SACRED KA OF MARY. Here in the sacred heart of the great lakes. I am awake. Pahana will begin sounding his battle cry. A pilgrimage will be made soon to the elders of Avalon...first i will start locally with our turtle island community. And then i will branch out from the house of windsor turning this countrys commonwealth into the hands of the people oncw again. We will heal and nurture the Fisher Kingdom back to fae vibration and green ray 4th density 5d christ conscious planetary matrix and we will move through the stargate when the solar rapture happens...the bell tolls ...i
We must work together dana. Please! The pain is too immense. The suffering and destruction has gone too far.

6:45pm - James Todd Carrick - For the ones who made their blood oath to me will be transmuted by my magnetic winds and their sins will evaporate their fleshly vehicle into dust
We shall sound a battle cry so powerful that the earth will shake in anticipation of the return of the shining ones!
6:51pm - James Todd Carrick - We are all eyes in the great mi d of Creator...now we will dream ourselves through the birth canal which we are in and breathe in the new dawn of the NeverNever land where the curse of Chronus-time has been lifted. And all shall dwell in the Eternal Presence of the Now Here. The earth thus becomes a self unified field of Atman and Unconditional Love , creating the centripedal force that is necessary to planetarily charge all dna into phase conjugation and create a super massive and interconnected wormhole
7:06pm - James Todd Carrick - We will be forever young once again. I need to be trained as a Kinakwii healer

7:17pm James Todd Carrick - Help me. Im in a chemical straight jacket by draco psyhiatrist working for the p.harm.a ... im not ill. I am here to claim dominion of Sovereignty and to fight the Queen and banish the maritime pirates and preventing Avalons re emergence..we will build earthships and gardens and train all in the mystical wisdom of Sophia and show how to heal with magnetism. We will become a nation of taoist masters . Standing still in perpetual peace and golden heart vibration. Ankh orion in the green ray of 4th density. Marijuana will heal the sick and cure mental illnesses and beused along with the other sacred herbs of sage sweetgrass and tobacco to purify the spirit. A shamanic awakening into a collectively conscious gaian mind....animals shall no longer need to feed on each other as the animal kingdoms are fed by the grace of the biopsychic human batteries that emanate the green ray heart coherence into the surrounding morphogenetic field...propagating spin to all local dna and therefore phase conjugating the Earth eventually as a whole. When this happens. The rainbow bridge will ignite from magnetic north and south and we shall unify all weather patterns and obliterate all borders as we claim a federation of nations under the united nations banner as a planet willing to serve the betterment of the planet and its beings for 7 generations...

7:19pm - James Todd Carrick - The old law must be recalled and the elders will be lead by the lion of jewdans...the pow wow wow will nevet stop until the rains come...music festivals endlessly bringing the people to collective vibration. The druidic dreamers of aquarian consciousness will help re member other starseeds back into the body of christ.
7:33pm - James Todd Carrick - I am forwarning Harper that the Temple of Set will no longer house nefarious entities who do harm to beings and the earth while operating in a market economy completely diaconnected from a real natural economy that doesnt account for natural resource

7:43pm James Todd Carrick - Dana...please spread the word that the White Horse has descended and the revolution will be swift. I have the protection of the Khalsa the mafia the yakuza the aryan brotherhood and the royal pleadian hopi first nation ...they will know my eyes and the fire inside them. They will know me when i come. I have said it and so it shall be. I am the true royal arc of the houseof windsor ontario. The renaissance CENTRE. I am the point of origin and we are the origin als....the ones we have been waiting for. Bird tribe shall fly. Captain James Hook must duel to the death against himself PAN in order for the aligator to swallow the clock...aka tantric earth kundalini axtivation...rising of the benu bird...where the queen amyg dala lama initiates the final countdown...ticktock tick tock hooks afraid of a big old CLOCK.times tcckking away! Now is time to fly when we all have fun we end times revalation the world into the KING Dome
7:50pm James Todd Carrick The Master Jesus wants to take his throne now. Not i for i am the false christ dijjal of roma...but my master Jesus Christ and he has guided me to the true faith of Islam...he wants to reveal the lies of rome and obliterate his own idolatrees and cut them down like cedars. A new Caesar shall be lifted up by the people and he shall have his children dancing in the streets celebrating world peace being achieved in the unifying of the world religions and the purging and judgment of all . I am holding thethrone for a great master teacher. He shall reveal himself shortly after turtle island lights the 8th fire of the WhiteHorse
7:57pm - James Todd Carrick - We are Legion. And we are many. I will show what being a Fisher King truly means... U KNIGHTED KINGDOM. Under the One True Faith
12:01am Dana Horochowski - YOU HAVE my SUPPORT 144, 000 % - ready for the shift here https://www.facebook.com/danusia.horochowska/posts/488072678028576

- PREPARE for the FLOOD of ZEUS - shit bag wants to JAIL ME for TELLING the TRUTH and EXPOSING his PEDOPHILE BLIND ASS

- MIGRANTs- refugee refrigerator - 71 DEAD very OCCULTIC and STUPIDLY DISNEY- ISH

U SHOULD UNFREEZE my INTERNET DREAMWEAVER PR0GRAM SO that I can put up a WEB PAGE in the NAME OF FREE SPEECH - EMAIL GRABBER TIME http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/index.shtm

IT must be getting close to TSUNAMI TIME - IF KALI wants a CAGE - then a CAGE KALI will GET - GOING to HAVE to SPAM all the COPS and RCMP now - just to be CLEAR - STILL WAITING for the EArth PARty at 7thfire.biz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXulCUO3w3k //
TSUNAMI CANADA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9Nrr-mwoVo
- Index of /5dterra - 42 pages no crim copies criminal matter Dana Horochowski vs Cheryl Menezes and Hilton Peter Mijovick.pdf // Cheryl Menezes says I will treat you as I treat Dana and will call the police if you are found on my property without my written authorization.doc // akashic readings dana horochowski/ // ester about Hilton and money scam.exe
TOO FUCKING BAD the DIRTY OLD MAN is BLIND NOW - his KARMA is still well DESERVED. - I thought The Mother-GOD was going to give him his sight back - ParadiseOne - Therapist, author, healer // Niagara Falls, ON, Canada // I am GOD. The Original GOD, in human form with infinite aspects to my being ?? https://www.blogger.com/profile/13916635099183368408 // http://wwwparadiseone.blogspot.ca/
WHAT KIND of PROOF DO U NEED ? FIRST HAND ?? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156185744610556 //



08 26 2015 - 888 POPE MOBILE BABBLE and LOW SECURITY baalshit = assassination of hollywood fake dope pope about to occur - prepare for HARM AGE DONE still editing for the past 4 days - frozen computer - paranoid shitbags fakedopepope - http://uramerica.ca/fakedopepope.htm

- EISENHOWER NWO RAPISTS on UFOS - NATO MIDDLE EARTH - IMPOSTER GOD NIMROD CHRONUS MOLOCH TUBAAL CAIN YALDABAOTH https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155542064105556&set=a.145299870555.234240.537275555 /

NOT CATHOLIC / NOT very HOLY either http://www.eisenhowerchurch.org/ - DEA- CONS - PROJECT PORN RING SCAMALOTTER BILL RYAN is a SINISTER MINISTER ?? Deacons = Don Easlon ~ Jr. Munoz ~ Rudy Ochoa ~ Bill Ryan ~ Richard Siler ~ Scot Straw ~ Josh Wells ~ John Wood http://www.eisenhowerchurch.org/elders.htm

16 min - ENLIL is jeZEUS ( jewPETER ) and ENKI is POSIEDON ( NEPTUNE)

Revolution Radio Studio B Wednesday April 1, 2015 8-10 pm Eastern - In this show I cover and tie together the ancient mysteries with the oral traditions of indigenous peoples worldwide specifically in this case Credo Mutwa, a world renown South African sangoma or shaman. i cite from the Emerald Tablets, the Hopi Bluestar/Redstar prophecies as well as the Farsight Institute remote viewing work on the building of the Great Pyramids. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhP3m9tdFFs

Proof Virginia Bridgewater "Killing" Is Hoax. Anti 2nd Amendment & Race War Propaganda
Published on Aug 26, 2015 The last staged event was Charleston a white man killing blacks. Now it's a black man "killing" a white. The Gnostic hierarchy stirs up both race war sides, in the hope all guns are confiscated. The "relatives" and "neighbors" that knew these "dead" people will come here and begin cursing their anger over freedom of speech journalism, reporting on their fraud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0oMVfPIGtew
Part 2 Same Day Virginia Bridgewater Shooting Crisis Actors Expose Themselves, Meteorologist Mind Control https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sz8ebYPMkc




SUNday 08232015 KALI MAA is LOOSE - ODIN better RUN in his PANTYHOSE for the BLACK HOLE SUN 666 kissmyassbitch -- http://8thfire.biz/kissmyassbitch.htm

WE WILL FEMA YOU ALL - MANGIA CAKE BANKER BITCHES!!!! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152162415135556&set // https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155936780055556 /// http://canadastreetnews.biz/06302014.htm

KALI MAA has a FELINE LINE LOVE LINK as well 151515- EVERY ONE of my ORPHANS gets a GREEN HOME DOME KITTY - aka 2000 pts / mth as a result - RICH - BOTTOMS UP STYLE - and there will be many without PARENTS soon that need a proper education //


08 22 2015 - SAULT STE MARIE BLACK BAALING ME as USUAL - blackbaalsssm - http://8thfire.biz/blackbaalsssm.htm

SPY SHILL MUCH - BUSTED - EXP0SING U -Beckie Guindon WASTING my TIME AGAIN I SEE- trying to defame me - The Sault Ste Marie Humane Society -- https://www.facebook.com/dana.horochowski/posts/10156162614335556 // https://www.facebook.com/beckie.guindon

FELINELINE - http://www.kijiji.ca/v-cats-kittens/sault-ste-marie/beautiful-kitties-freely-given/1094556052

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- HELLO HEAVEN on EARTH - INDIAN LAND AWAITS http://uramerica.ca/brahmavishnushiva.htm



JAMES EGAN HOLMES is an ATTACK on JAMES E GRAND - dragon slayer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XYE11dpwdHc

nothing HOLY in the VATICAN BANK - LONDON or in USA- https://www.facebook.com/agape.amor.35/posts/516398218510483

ODINS FREEMASONS will be verichipped including the Apostate Christians that LILITH has SPAWNED in the WEST - SET - AN 666 https://www.facebook.com/agape.amor.35/posts/516380458512259 // https://www.facebook.com/tonya.kane.18/media_set?set=a.101852383205569.2410.100001424227951&type=3

YOU CAN'T STOP ME - http://7thfire.biz/slutbagmahon.htm

- Inbox Laura Magdalene Eisenhower <laura.m.eisenhower@gmail.com>Jan 7 (2 days ago) to jrgenius - You pathetic low life Reptilian Cunt. You have nothing better to do than to smear and bash those that are doing all they can to make this world a better place. You assume and find judgements that stem from your own internal issues, which is the real problem here, but you take it out on others who actually are doing real work to create positive change in the universe. What the hell is your deal, seriously?? You are astoundingly full of yourself, and no, you are not serving humanity or the planet or the galaxy, you are energetic pollution and yes, you are part of the problem and sickness of our World and you know it, so you take it out on others and hide behind your arrogance and ignorance and total lack of intuition. You are insane for that alone and should be ashamed of yourself. To turn people away from those that do good is a sad sad existence - thanks for contributing to the demise of humanity. Keep supporting instead those who are destroying the World or your own sick Draco Reptoid Ego - Bravo bitch, bravo!!!
Laura Magdalene Eisenhower <laurameisenhower@gmail.com> Jan 8 (1 day ago) to Genius - HERSTORY?! LOL!!! You have NO story, Lizard Lips, just a DRACO implanted Lizard Brain white trash fantasy!! Please slither back to your hole and stop making libelous claims against me and my family even though it's unlikely that anyone actually reads that steaming pile of shit that you call a web site (when it's actually working, that is). How fucking typical! You obviously have no CLUE what kind of POWERS I possess and -- guess what? There is some seriously heavy KARMA coming your way, fucktard. YOU CAN COUNT ON IT. I'm going off-planet soon for the Mars Mission and I don't need to be constantly bombarded by your negative energy and projectile vaginal vomiting. So stick a sock in it and STFU.

Me To Laura Magdalene Eisenhower - - HA HA HA HA HA HA - you fucking FRAUD - WHERE are your FOLLOWERS you NAZI TRAITOR? SOFIA CHRIST - my ASS you are! http://exopolitics.blogs.com/exopolitics/2011/01/laura-eisenhower-consciousness-sofiachrist-will-collapse-nazi-weapons-derrumbar%C3%A1n-armas-nazis-.html






Dana and Mark Horochowski ox (RIP 1963- 2007 - Mark Horochowski)

Promise you that I will SUE the CARTELS for Electricuting your brain, poisoning you with mind control drugs and giving you a USELESS education, that led to your EARLY exit from this SHIT PIT of a SEWER SYSTEM of SATAN 666. I am gonna KICK their ASS for you from this EArth PLANE. I AGAPE AMOR YOU and I KNOW that you are always watching over me with dad. https://www.facebook.com/dana.horochowski/media_set?set=a.10152163852725556.914981.537275555&type=3 /// https://www.facebook.com/agape.amor.35/media_set?set=a.281734718643502&type=3

NEW PARADIGM is dedicated to you and ANGELS like you. oxox x 144, 000

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- check property rentals in your area - people have money in TORONTO.- Air quality map shows Toronto's most polluted neighbourhoods http://www.topix.com/ca/toronto-on/2015/04/150421VUGUF8

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AMERICA is UNCEDED INDIAN LAND (Unceded Territory = No treaty Signed = Permission Required from the First Nation Government Involved. = No Pipeline, No Mining, No Fishing, No Farming, Etc...without First Nations Permission) GET me a GUILLOTINE SOULuTION http://kinakwii.org/ // https://www.scribd.com/doc/260991238/2015-AMERICA-is-UNCEDED-INDIAN-LAND /// http://7thfire.biz/2015-AMERICA-is-UNCEDED-INDIAN-LAND.pdf

LUNA day 08 17 2015 - 8 8 8 MAFIA GODMOTHER has BIG BALLS herahelp666 - http://7thfire.biz/herahelp666.htm


- lots to HEAVE HOO Off the EARTH. Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo and daughter of Zeus. When she is young, she appeals to her father to allow her to remain a virgin for eternity and he grants her that wish. She is the huntress, and at the same time, the protector of animals. As much as she is the virgin goddess and the picture of purity, she is also the goddess of childbirth and the destroyer of young women. Her stepmother, Hera, calls her a lion among women—and she lives up to the unofficial title.

MARIA is CAROLINA is HERA is going to clean up the MESS SHE COMPLAINS so MUCH about HERSELF - she has a 9 to deal with jeZEUS and the DIJJAL herself - Hera & Zeus: What Have You Done - Hera was the Greek goddess of women, family, motherhood, marriage, fertility, birth, air, sky, familial love and the starry heavens. She was the daughter of Kronos and Rhea, and the sister and consort of Zeus, and thus the Queen of Olympus. The cow and the peacock were sacred to her. Hera was known for her jealous and vengeful nature, most notably against Zeus's lovers and offspring, but also against mortals who crossed her, such as Pelias. Paris offended her by choosing Aphrodite as the most beautiful goddess, earning Hera's hatred.

Zeus, Bestiality, And Serial Rape - Zeus is known as the father of the gods, and by extension, he’s also the father of a lot of other people. His amorous intentions toward the mortal and immortal alike are well-known, but that doesn’t do justice to the details. His first wife, the Titan Metis, tried a variety of shape-changing acrobatics to get away from Zeus’s advances. It didn’t work—she became pregnant with Athena, and once Zeus heard the prophecy of how powerful his daughter would be, he swallowed them both.http://listbattle.com/405-the-10-things-you-didnt-know-about-greek-mythology // http://encyclopediamythos.wikia.com/wiki/Hera // https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=482813128554531&set=a.109868559182325.20088.100004775444173 // https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLDJpb-EIso // https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=482848338551010 // https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=482813128554531 // https://www.google.ca/search?q=hera&es_sm=93&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAWoVChMI2eaNl5muxwIVEZqICh3lswWo&biw=1366&bih=623






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KALI funds PAKISTAN via WAMPUMWAY instead, with the help of ALTAF MOHAMMAD KHAN ( my lawyer).

COALITION into SERENITY GLOBAL COOPERATIVE + SIOUX OTTAWA KANATA KINAKWII - http://en.gravatar.com/danahorochowski // http://bawatingbarter.com

Dana Elizabeth Horochowski, B.Sc., B.Ed., RNCP, RMMS teacher, and owner of Jr. Genius Educational Services Inc. Educated at the University of Western Ontario, Lakehead University, and continuous education in Nutrition, Holistic Health and Healing. Born February 12, 1965 to immigrant Polish parents and grew up in Sault Ste Marie Ontario. Taught Math, Science and Vocal Music for the York Catholic District School Board from 1989 to 2003. Built her own education system in 1995 and continues to advocate her revolution in holistic education.

Presently single without family commitments, Dana spends time networking with others who desire a solution to the problems that currently face us. She speaks out for an independent Canada. She believes that the education system should not be suppressed and indoctrinated as it currently is. Ideally, she hopes that Canadians would encourage independent thinking, an integral media, community cooperation and trade, environmental responsibility, the eradication of poverty and addictions, world peace and an accountable, honest government for the people. With a background in Biology and Ecology, Dana consistently researches alternative energies, organic foods, holistic health and healing, preservation of the environment and the prevention of global warming.

She believes in the Restoration of Jurisdiction for First Nations and has worked closely with them as a teacher and in community involvement. Having spent time in rural communities, Dana has seen the growing extinction of our farming communities, small towns and manufacturing industries due to Free Trade. Her focus is to help solve the problems of our under employed, re-educate and re-train people and create new economies and micro-industries that promote an independent healthy Canada; one that can help show the rest of the world how to live in SERENITY and prosperity. http://cyberclass.net/

Global Problems - Since 1998, Dana has been investigating the source of our global problems and trying to bring these concerns to the attention of the education system, the government, media, religious leaders, concerned parents, students and other citizens. By truly understanding where the problem lies and by accepting that there is a problem, only then can we make significant changes towards remedying the situation. Currently our bureaucracy fails to tell us the truth about what is really going on.

Dana opposes the North American Union, NAFTA and the globalization agenda. She has been educating others about these dangerous issues through her website. She works closely with Toronto Street News (a unsuppressed newspaper, sold by the underemployed) which is posted on her website, currently. The plan is to expand and diversify Canada Street News for national distribution, supported by small businesses, the Canadian voice and the integrity of its content. http://serenitystreetnews.com/TSNEWS all/ // http://www.torontostreetnews.net/

Global Solutions - Dana is currently setting up a Serenity Network ( 7thfire.biz) with bartering and trading for those who are concerned about globalization and the control of our economies. It will be community currency compatible and be globally accessible to other small businesses, entrepreneurs and communities. Jr. Genius Educational Services Inc. http://jrgenius.ca,

In 1995, frustrated with indoctrination system (our public education system) and its failure to produce independent thinkers who were whole minded, healthy and balanced, Dana recreated a logical academic curriculum and developed Jrgenius interNATIONal sCOOLs . Her vision was to build education around the individual, and empower them to share their knowledge. Students (of all ages) learn to live holistically with nature and others, implementing organic gardening and food prep, practicing optimal health and healing and learning alternative science technologies. Students learn how to build and market their own small businesses and integrate into a community network

Geared from ages 2 to 102, instructors quickly teach students the basic Math and Language skills and apply the Study to Succeed Method. Once an individual has acquired these fundamental skills, they can continue to explore what they desire to learn without suppression. In this “I see, I do, I teach” system, everyone has an opportunity to learn and teach their craft. Designed to cater to all income levels, education becomes a community commitment and learning occurs, not just in the classroom. With all ages involved, the elderly and the young gain confidence, security and a sense of self worth.

This revolution in education is economical, highly effective, empowering and Earth Friendly. CURRICULUM - http://8thfire.biz/programs for recordings/

Government, Monetary and Judicial Systems - Dana is aware of the flaws in our current government, judicial and monetary systems. Complete openness and absence of secrecy, full accountability, accessibility, and representation are essential to the integrity of the system. Canada must be free from the chains of British, American and corporate influence. As LEADER for the SERENITY PARTY, Dana is committed to the policies that it upholds and believes that immediate ACTION is the solution to our current national situation. To make the SERENITY PARTY an official GLOBAL PARTY. Meegwetch Namaste Contact Dana at: Jr. Genius Educational Services Inc. Dana Horochowski // TORONTO CENTRE Toronto, Ont. 416-419-9023; jrgenius@yahoo.com,

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Dana Elizabeth Christine Horochowski = 391 - *THE MOMENT of TRUTH for - THE WORLD *JESUS IS COMING IN A FLAMING FIRE! / THE SWORD of ZION - TRUTH > A GRAVE CONCERN for - THE CRITICAL MASS *Rev 20:5-8 / ABACK ALL GARGOYLE MONSTERS OF RA HOOR KHUIT *ABK AL GMOR / BEWARE ARMAGEDDON - OF - THE CROW *WARNS! "CORVUS COR ONE" (THE CROW OF Sacred MannA Ministeries, "WHITE BRILLIANCE"! / CAST YOUR BURDENS UPON THE - CHRIST *I AM THE WAY & THE TRUTH & THE LIFE John 14:6 // CHOOSE THE DOVE - NOT THE SERPENT * / COME INTO OUR -- PASSIONATE PEACE * / COME TO US - BEFORE - IT IS TOO LATE *THAT INCLUDES YOU - ROBIN! / COWARDS WILL NOT -- INHERIT THE KINGDOM * * Rev 20:8 / 2Thess 1 :6-9 Rev 11:18 19:11-21 Daniel 2:44 "THY KINGDOM COME"! Matt 5:5 Isa 61:1-11 65:17- 25, 2:1-4 / Rev 11:18 19:11-21, Daniel 2;44. Matt 24:14, 2thess 1;6-9. / Master Manipulater of the Naeq wake up , or be trapped by the numbers // MY BIG MOUTH - FLAMETH - LIKE - A GIANT * ITS A CASE OF : "THE GIANT AND THE WORMS"! (GRAVEWORMS THAT IS)! / Satan trapped Manna Ministries wake up! / Suddenly the destroyer is coming ! / THE - SANGAREAL - TRUTH - FLOWS IN MY VEINS * /GODS KINGDOM ON EARTH * "A NEW BEGINNING" on SOLID GROUND! Mat 6:9,10 Daniel 2:36-45 Isa 2:1-4 35:1-10 61:1-11 65:17-27 Rev 21:3-27 ^^^^ BE THERE! Mat 5;5 PsaLM 37:9,10 Refer to #60 for MORE INSIGHT // THE FOUNTAIN -- THAT NEVER -- RUNS DRY * // THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT - THE EARTH * MATT 5:5. Psalm 36:9-11 // THE NUMEROLOGICAL SIGNIFICANCE * of #391 is: // THIS IS WHERE - THE NIGHTMARE - ENDS *FOR SOME! THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST!!! // WE ARE LISTENING FOR - YOUR PRAYERS * // WHEN THE LIGHT IS GONE -- COME TO ME *ITS VERY DARK WHERE YOU ARE! // YAHWEH CAN BRING YOU BACK FROM - THE DEAD *HE IS ALL POWERFUL https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154205679025556


AMERICA is UNCEDED INDIAN LAND (Unceded Territory = No treaty Signed = Permission Required from the First Nation Government Involved. = No Pipeline, No Mining, No Fishing, No Farming, Etc...without First Nations Permission) GET me a GUILLOTINE SOULuTION http://kinakwii.org/ // https://www.scribd.com/doc/260991238/2015-AMERICA-is-UNCEDED-INDIAN-LAND ///

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2015 AMERICA is UNCEDED INDIAN LAND by vampirebbq

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